My Daemon


I must let this feeling flow through me

Let it flow through my veins and every corner of my body

I must let it pierce my psyche

This feeling is my daemon

This feeling is my talent undiscovered

This feeling is my genius

That cry’s for expression from time to time

That seeks to leave a signature on the earth



I must let this feeling flow through me

This feeling in form of currents

Send shock waves down my spine

I need to let its artsy be expressed

If I resist

Or try to control it

Deny nits existence if I may

It shall destroy me

For I am my feeling and my feeling is me



I am my daemon my daemon is me

My daemon and I are in a relationship

Just like the relationship a potter has with a pot

On a potter’s wheel

The potters caress must be allowed by the pot

Or the pot turns out unpleasant

Rejected by the society

The pot and the potter are one

The pot is the potter the potter is the pot.



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