My Captain


Oh Captain my Captain!

When did I last hearken at the sight of ye?!

Dread, dread, where is thy’s bread?!

I am crept in a hole to be found dead!

Oh how true is this deep dark sapphire blue,

When sadness swamped our blissful dues?!

Heaven forgive me! I had lost my own discourse,

And I chatter away from the destined course.

The horizon is before me! Yet betwixt us

Are tears of endless ocean blue!

Despite how heavenly I stood on this vessel’s creaky wood,

Eyes glued on my graceful Captain’s blues,

Downward I was casted into the depth of damn’s dreadful chills.

I no longer at the helm of my own eternal vessel,

I fell from the peak of the mast,

Only to be arrested at the hands of the mass,

But until I had been swallowed by the wretches of evil,

Fall! Fall! Downward I fell! Into the hollowed cavern of hell!

My death came to spiraling crash, a sudden bang

And a sudden thrash! My life had long rang

Before I was wrapped in sweat filled rags!

I fall damnably! I fall nightmarishly!

I fell, I died, I collided, I cried,

Only because,

Oh Captain,

My Captain,

Only you saw my future disjuncture into separate paths!

Only you were willing to set me on my own!

Despite how those ghastly dead

Did their utmost best to dissect my breast,

Commissioned by you a guide was sent,

Descended did she go as not an agent of your consent?

Why would you rather have sent a leader,

And not an angel that would tempt me out from the crater?

She was there, from bottom up.

A guide she was,

But a leader not.

Oh Captain my Captain!

I led myself from the dampening cavern of hell,

Each chilled droplet that drips from the frigid bulkhead,

Coned and glassed into hardened bolts,

Each soul that too struck dreadfully here taken into such form,

Piercing icicles they were, that chiseled the frailty of my skin.

Each one that shattered the life of my body,

Yet strengthened my soul!

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Is that all you had to test me!

Cast me out to my lowest! and thither see what I become?

Thrown was I not without your knowledge!

Ye know be it true, your wisdom surpasses mine!

Yet you cast me not alone!

The dark was not my foe,

Because my guide was brimming light,

And she fluttered above me with little fight.

Oh Captain, my Captain,

Your heart was not set on mine,

Us your creation could you not let us go?

Amazed you too,

Yet known all along you!

The day that I’d risen,

Was the day that I had remained unfrozen!

Because no amount of cold could reverse thy’s chosen work!

Oh my gracious King!

I am sorry for what I have wronged,

But I repent not for what I have become!

And the day that I make it at the helm,

Will be the day that I proved you right!

And the day that my Captain,

Oh Captain,

Amazed he will be,

Oh Captain my Captain!

No amount of storm can set us apart!

Hurricane or throw of a gust at our heels can neither separate us into parts!

And the waves crashed titanicly on her starboard,

Tyrannically to divide us apart!

As a play divided into acts! and slivered into scenes!

Oh Captain my Captain!

You are my gracious King!

You know me well more so than I know thyself!

Oh Captain my Captain,

Have you set me free?

While death before misery comes to some,

You flopped misery to death to make us apart!

Yet I drowned not to your amazement,

But lived to you expectations!

Oh Captain my Captain!

When shall we meet again?

When the seas are fair and the wind is brisk?

Oh Captain my Captain!

I know when it’ll be!

When my angel grants me pardon to be!

And when the Be All and End All strikes me here,

Will he only hear my greatest tear!

Because I failed not my Captain,

My Captain failed not me,

He let go no faith,

Rather had faith upon me!

Oh Captain, my captain.

You are one meant to be.

And I am proud to say,

To be the helmsman of thy’s gracious King!

Oh Captain,

My Captain,

Let it be so,

That love for you,

Is nothing less, than a prayer’s poem.


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