My Brother


Some people smoke weed to distract their mind how they feel,
cause they don't wanna see the truth, but soon they'll notice it hit's hard and real.
A lot of the time this is just for fun,
its the best of times with a group who are all down to bun.
You see the pigs, you start to run, but it is a tonne of fun, when its your own son.
This is the kid who you once knew to be lucky,
but you weren't around him enough, to stop him from turning just like me.
I shouldn't of left but I couldn't stay,
it seems that fate messed him up anyway.
I wanna come back, and fix everything that he now bothers,
like me and all the other fathers.
He now hates me, and doesn't want a second chance to happen,
the first chance was all he had, there won't be a second back stabbin.
He's felt a father figure love, but it wasn't the same,
because the father he has now, he's held judgement and blame.
He was promised things that didn't come true,
after a divorce he was left with his feelings bottled to brew.
This feeling he has, might be with him for a long time,
even longer then the time it took me to write this really long rhyme.
I wish he felt better, and loved by the people that I know,
so he doesn't have to live in the past, so he can continue his life to grow.
I also live in the past and the present, re-living all of my re-grets,
cause I can't forget, and look to the future,
without looking past all of my presets.
Isn't it crazy we started this rhyme dealing with weed,
and then it followed to the life that my brother Forrest now leads.
Indeed it is interesting that we went from bad, to staying bad,
but everything could of changed if he only saw the good dad had.
He only sees the worst, in the things we have done,
doesn't try to remember the good times and old fun,
cause these memories he's shun,
except for the reminder that he feels like he's no buddy's son.

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