My brother’s and my sister’s keeper

Being the oldest of three gave me the unspoken job


To be their guardian angel and hold them when they sob


For years and years we witnessed our parents fight


They never reasoned they always thought that they were right


As they would banter day and night 


I held my siblings as their little bodies shook in fright


I stayed strong and unyielding but the tears blurred my sight


As I reached sixteen my parents still fought 


It felt like PTSD sunk in and made me distraught


My father lurched for my mother with a vengeance in his eye


My sister panicked with melancholy and began to cry


He almost swung on her and that’s when I jumped in


I held my father back from committing a regretful sin


My brother held mother by the hoodie on her skin


People fall out of love, I didn’t know that back then


What I know now is that love is fragile and crumbles like Berlin


There stood my siblings and I 


Us three


We held them back and broke it up like we were referees


I felt like I was in the middle of a boxing match


And yes in my childhood this was the rough patch


We awaited for the divorce so they could finally detach


I had to be mature and be the figure to my sister and my brother


That our parents didn’t love like we love each other


That yelling isn’t a successful way of communication 


That we must come together with an explanation and hold conversation 


I had to step up and lead by example


Whether it was showing the value of education 


Or fixing them some Campbell


My love for them goes deeper and deeper


For I will always be my brothers and my sisters keeper


This poem is about: 
My family


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