My Best Friend

We hold hands, hug and sometimes flirt,
We talk trash, cuss and publicly wash each others dirt,
Our connections seems more natural like twins at birth,
For sure, we would scratch each others back till we depart this earth.

God bless the day I met you,
Without fear or regret i gracefully let flow my feelings before you,
The captivation of you in my soul is refreshing like heaven's dew,
You never leave the hearts you touch, I know its true.

Metaphorically I personify myself as one of this outer space,
Ironically I come back to meet you in this place,
Similes would be less than enough for your origins astrologers to trace,
You run through me like generations before me, making useless lights pace.

You're divine as the holies, everyone can atest,
Calmly you embrace and lay to rest my distress,
You're foresight, makes gypsies and seances feel less,
You were made the moment God conceived the Idea of this universe.

Who is you that baffle, the raffled up psyche of man,
Who is you, that brings me to knees, my feelings you blend,
Who is you, unrid of, undoubtedly no one can end,
Excuse my poor vocabulary to explain your worth,
You is the 'art of graceful word expression', "MY BESTFRIEND"

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Our world
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Your words are a beautiful melody to my ears!

Monsieur Jerry

Thank You AMY

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