For My Best Friend

She wove golden rays of sunshine

into a long and flowing dress,

that left the scent on everything she touched,

of nature's sweet caress.

Everywhere the girl did go,

the flowers would all bloom,

and she could chase the lonely feeling

out of every darkened room.

She could drive out all your sadness,

and cause a frozen heart to thaw,

she'd paint the sky every morning, 

but no one ever saw.

No one ever thought to thank her

for the warmth upon their skin.

Or for chasing all their demons,

from where the night time's breath had been.

So she thought she wasn't needed,

that she could leave and they'd not care.

But they'd just taken her for granted,

since her light was always there.

Because you never thank the ground

untill you know how it feels to fall,

or  know just how much you need the sun,

until it doesn't rise at all. 


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