My Apathy

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 22:05 -- mbeck

I don't understand 

Life goes by in a daze

So many thoughts, so many opinions, so much to live for

I feel like i should be someone else  

But it's a lie

When I'm alone I feel happy

But it's a lie

When I'm with people i feel content

But it's a lie

I care so much about the world 

How people feel, what they think

I feel love for them 

There's good in life 

Good in everything, I can see it everyday

But I'm wrong 

I feel so much hatred for the world 

How people act, what they do 

There's only evil in this world 

So much suffering 

So much hypocrisy 

I can see it everyday 

But I'm wrong

I don't understand 

Am i broken? 

I feel shame 

I don't want to exist

Is the world broken? 

I feel alone 

I want to disappear

I don't understand  


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



this is amazing. if this is about you, no you're not broken. i'll admit, i've felt the same way. this whole poem describes what i'm like. and i used to feel broken, and alone. but you're not alone. i promise.

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