Play it as written, that's all.

Just play it exactly as written, just as the composer intended.

Everything is written in the score, just practice what is written, right?

No, that's absurd.

And reckless.

Raise your head and look at me. Look. At. Me.

If you only look at the sheet music, always keeping your head down, you'll trap yourself in the score's cage.

Look at me, look away from the music. It's alright, if it's you, you can do it.

Let's perform with all we have both of us. Music is like a rollercoaster, a wild ride.

So raise your head and look at me! Look at me and be resolute! Drag out what's inside of you. The music is you; play it strongly like it is life itself. So I can hear your sound and know you're here.

When you step on stage that silence you hear is for us.

The entire audience is quiet, waiting, for us to make a sound.

So I'll perform with all I have, so the people watching won't forget me.


I am a musician.


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