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Tue, 05/07/2013 - 15:36 -- Emarsh6


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The moment I heard the first note of the measure, I knew that this would affect me forever. It was serenity it was peace it was magic. It was everything I wanted and I had to have it. Bring me back to the measure that makes my stomach turn, makes my hair raise, makes my heart yearn. Yearn for a prescription no doctor can fill. And augmented addiction from a rhythmic pill. These masters wrote until their doom but we'd rather listen to auto tune. I think of all the talent thats been lost, the stars that died off and how much its costs. the people who still want to hear real music. and the talent God gives most people refuse it. ill try anything once, matter fact ill try it twice. Cause only doing what you know can never show you what you like. But don't get me wrong there are singers that can sing and dancers that can dance and it can put you in a trance. And all the joy that it can bring to see contemporary talent. But all the good and all the bad doesn't seem to have that perfect balance. So when I ask my friend their favorite song and they reply its racks, it makes me wonder if the revolutionary clock is ticking back. And it's so hard to deal with the fact, that every sidewalk has its cracks and every Mozart has its nicki. And sorry if I seem too picky but it's the real music that's tricky. Cause there are songs that sound like classics and other songs that sound like racket and I just think it's really tragic that some people will never have it. This music code, not many crack it.


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