Without you who may I be?

Without your melody and tone,

Who will I call my own.

I listen to you daily,

I pray and hope I am your leading lady.


When the beat drop

The rhythms is food to my soul,

The dance of my heart will never stop,

Lord knows I can’t live if you are not on,

Without you I am forever alone.


Hearing the sounds is what I live for,

The way you make my body feel only one can wish for.

I don’t just hear noise,

The beauty of the tones,

When I close my eyes

I see the notes dancing in color.


My love for you dates back to birth,

I felt your touch within,

I sung,

I danced,

I even took it further and played the violin.


When I’m with you

I feel as if I am above the influence,

Cloud 9,

I am on a natural high with you.

Without you, there would be no me,

So all I can say to you music, is that you saved me.

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