It used to be the storm.

A hurricane surrounding me 

until I couldn’t breathe; 

The world spinning and collapsing

Not hearing a single sound

But then one person came along

And changed the world forever

Now I’m less focused on the effects of bad weather

The sun. 

The sun tangles her hair around me

And wraps me in her warmth

It is an unfamiliar yet comforting presence

That makes the world seem better

Not only better but brighter, truly

I have begun to find my place

In this crazy world of competition

And the everyday rat race

I have stumbled across this wonderful thing

A source for peace and calm

My only hope is that the rest of the world

accepts sun for burning bright

Not everyone can handle the light

Some feel blinded at the sight

I can only ignore the screams and shouts

The heckling, harassing hate

For the sun will guide me to my path

An inspiration that keeps me driven.


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