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I stumble from the rain-soaked platform to the small parcel by the name of the “red line”.”
My fire comesfrom mother's joywho waddles and standson bending knee, breaking backfor the joy of me.I am inspired.  My fire sparksfrom your heart and mine
We’re in a state of constant clapotis— reaching chaotic spikes that look like progress,  but never really moving at all.    Simulated punctuated equilibrium. 
Little girl picked up a stick, not knowing how long it would be A journey began, she found in herself what she needed to see Confidence and self-love rose above, higher than she could know
To this day There is still one thing that remains the same My love for jesus christ For he strengthens me And gives me the power and inspiration to live
There was so much buried insider her that she thought she could ignore, But really all it was doing was starting a war. The things she hid and the things she denied really only made it worse.
Love: an intense feeling of deep affection or attachment to someone or something  
The Living Planet wonders in my heart pulling, tugging, dancing. It's not about how much time we have left it's about how much work we have to do.   The power of law and kindness.
Dreams and aspirations Constant meditation My future is my inspiration  I say this with no hesitation  
Pain   The pain is there to inspire you.  The throbbing, tenderness of your knees from learning to walk  Your tingling cheek after being slapped by your mother 
Inspiration, for me comes from the ink carved squiggles of the written word. Never before has anything been more beautiful 
We all have a sparkA glimmerThe beginning of an eternal flameThat rages inside us all Mine is unlike no otherYet it something the human race desireSomething we craveSomething we want to have I am inspired by loveBy hope, by dreamsBy faith and joyI
Roses are red, Violets are blue, My efforts are caring, And so are you.    Orchids are white, Ghost ones are rare,
As the light hit my face I embraced it Although it was a gloomy day I was still thankful I have so much Much more than other children in 3rd world countries I have food, clothes, shelter
  At times I feel like the world is on my shoulders My life follows a repetition each day Everything seems to revolve around time 
The idea came like a whisper in the back of my mind. Hello, it said warmly. I had never felt anything like this tickle in my head before.
A blank piece of paper Intimidation, fear A single sharpened pencil, What first mark will be made? What if I hate the outcome? A graphite line drawn Then more One more again.
It used to be the storm. A hurricane surrounding me  until I couldn’t breathe;  The world spinning and collapsing Not hearing a single sound
My fingers lay on the wheel Silent and stammering all at once Watching as the droplets coating my windshield serves as a rain reel Wondering why I let you in.  
My fingers lay on the wheel Silent and stammering all at once Watching as the droplets coating my windshield serves as a rain reel Wondering why I let you in.  
History speakes to my young soul,Calling with faces long since forgotton,A wisper of the way the world used to be,So young and full of mystery,This is what inspires me.People who shaped the world,
I breath in the crisp air coming in a life giver My mother the one who embraces me with warm hugs My father the provider the one has sacraficed so much just for me
The trees have wilted. The fruit has rotten. Concrete and steel scrape  at her warm embrace.   The watercolor dreidel spins in slow motion
Time’s a thief and it’s a friend, It brings the story to its end, It sweetens grapes, Decides your fate, Takes love and gives it back again.  
When lights are out, My mind just swirls Thinking and thinking I can change the world Paper my platform Writing my muse
What is inside me 
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