Moving On- December 3rd

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 18:24 -- _xxshy



The toxic substance you consumed

The way you looked when your picture was plastered across the room

The hurt you’ve caused my mother

And now I have to sit and watch her suffer

Your selfishness has caused no alarm to you

It’s a shame that my grandpa’s integrity can only be measure by the memories he left

Because you killed him drinking

As well as smoking that meth

Your truck slammed into the slopes of his knee

You saw him flip but you had to keep the speed

You got away with it for days

But somehow God found a way

You were trapped on that very day when you pulled up to the auto mechanic to wash his DNA away

Grandpa was good man

He would have never did what you have done

But now it’s done

One day you’ll get what you deserve

Now Grandpa is up in the heavenly clouds- happy to serve

I talk to him sometimes

And he lets me know that it is alright

Grandpa reminds me to forgive

And now  I know how to live without spite


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