Morning Blue

Just as the morning dew
Shakes me awake
I feel my heart skip a beat
Ache, shake, break

My heart is broke
No more left to give
My mind is broken
What's left to live

Who's fault, who's fault
I ask lengthily sweet
Who's feels are to blame
For my hearts lame beat.

I feels, you's feels, we's all 
Feel the same
So sweetly ask 
But who's to blame?

For my mind
Mine, mine.
not thinking the same

Some say sounds send me insane.

As I listen to the morning dew
My heart shakes
My mind breaks
But this morning blue, stays the same.

Some say Blue is his name.
So would you say,
Is Blue to blame?

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I would love. Like a forever love. If my poetry could get out there. Could anyone help?

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