Moon, Moon gleam so bright

I wish to sleep by your light.

Moon, Moon in the night

I know it’s going to be alright.


Moon, Moon float so high

I believe that you can fly

Moon, Moon in the sky

You will make it if you try.


Moon, Moon glow so warm

Bring us comfort through the storm.

Moon, Moon in the morn

Into beauty you shall form.


Moon, Moon shine so true

Like the phoenix born anew

Moon, Moon in the dew

I will always cherish you.



Your words were just lovely, so I made a little sketch, called moon! Thank you and have a cozy merry Christmas!



Alex Sigma

Thank you soo much Giedra, it was absolutely beautiful! I'm really glad you liked

it and I'm absoulutely thrilled that you sang it! Just thank you so much, it means the

world over that you'd go out of your way todo that. I was literally freaking out when

I heard it the first time.

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