month by month


january, it's january

i am 16 years old now

everything is good, and happy for once


february, it's february

for the first time, i have a partner on valentine's day

he doesn't do anything for me anyway


march, it's march

a terrible man starts to win things

i am



april, it's april

the sky let's down purple rain

i compete with a silver flute in hand

a victory, but is it?


may, it's may

a terrible man recieves

1,237 pledges

enough to ruin a country


june, it's june

the united kingdom... left?

i survived another year in an overcrowded school

i can finally exhale


july, it's july

i celebrate independence day like it may be the last one for us

i see as many concerts as i can

he accepts the nomination


august, it's august

our country dominates the summer olympics

i reflect on my old life as an athlete

i am happy that i chose to be an artist instead


september, it's september

junior year!

i had always admired the juinors

this should be fun, right?


october, it's october

i was wrong

the people around me all support a man

not a man, a monster

i count the days to halloween in hopes that this will end


november, it's november

one day, i am afraid to go to sleep

because i think that he will be president when i wake up

i play my basss until my fingers bleed, and have nightmares

when i wakeup, the nightmare continues

he won


december, it's december

goodbye, our sweet general organa

as if things couldn't get any worse







happy damn new year.




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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