the monster inside of me

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 23:53 -- froggy

It tells me I can't eat

It tells me to throw up what I do eat

It tells me I'm not good enough

It tells me I need to do 700 crunches a day

It bells me I'll never be skinny

It tells me I can't gain weight

It tells me I'm a fat pig

It makes me feel like I'm constantly gaining weight


On the outside I'm happy

I'm the girl that's losing weight

The girl that turned her life around


The voice won't let me see that

The voice tells me to starve

The voice tells me to throw up my food

The voice tells me to constantly workout


If I don't do what it says the voice attacks me


The voice whips me into submission

The voice stabs me in the heart

The voice breaks me down


I will never be good enough

I will never reach my goals

I will never be skinny enough


The voice makes me cry

The voice whispers to me constantly

The voice is always in my head


I know I'm not perfect

But I know this is all a lie

But the voice convinces me its not


The voice, the monster inside of me





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