Money Talks

Check the pockets and pull out my wallet, there's green paper in there and the businesses can smell it on me, doing everything they can to push it out of me.
Being smart with this paper is so hard when so much puts you into separating yourself from it, needed for everything from buying food to keeping your home lit.
The world runs on this green paper and people will kill just for a taste to have large amounts, if you want so much why not put it in a savings account?
They don't want to save it they just want to afford the things they dream of, the nice feeling of having so much because.
See money talks and it speaks seductively to you, it lures you in with it's sweet promises once you hear it what are you going to do?
You want to listen to it you think it makes you happy, you want to afford something nice not settle for anything lame or tacky.
But are you wealthy? Do you feel like you need that to be important? The silent wealth whispers away from it all, don't  listen to the pressure be your own person stand tall.
Money don't buy happiness but it does buy bliss, it's a part of greed and that's sinfulness.
See the world revolves around the idea that true wealth is happiness but it's only a flicker, after all money loudly talks, but wealth whispers.


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