Mommy Why?


I remember coming to visit you in the hospital,I didn't know what to do. I was so scared, because I didn't know if that was true. I walked up slow the give you a hug and a kiss,wish I could reminisce the time we missed. I turned my head so you couldn't see me cry. In my head,I begged God to not let you die. You said sweetie it'll be okay. In my heart I said it doesn't look that way. Tubes in your nose,machines everywhere,how can you stand there and be so unaware? I wish you never had to live that way,it hurts me to say,I should have been on those machines that day. Before I left I was so scared to say goodbye, I'm sorry you had to see me cry. You told me to hold my head up high,even though I begged to God "why won't you let me die?" You always told me know your guardian angel will be right by your side. I wish my mom would just wake me up and say "baby girl its okay this was all a lie".


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