She would waddle to the kitchen for a snack while you would lie on her bladder
Doctors told her she wasn't strong enough, she didn't care
Momma had dreams of a  chubby little baby with black curly hair, it wasn't fair 
At your ultrasound photos she'd stare for hours, even took you with her in the shower 
Flowers were planted outback in your honor
You were perfect to her before you were even born
The eyes that see through your heart and straight to your soul
The lips that speak the truth even when you don't want to hear it
The nose that smells every lie as you enter the door
You know you can't keep anything from her, she knows it all
The ears that hear the heartbreak in your voice because she told you months ago that girl was cheating
The hands, so soft and warm, held you those nights you couldn't bare to be alone
Those feet, as many times as they marched up to your school for graduations and moving up ceremonies
She's loved everything about you before you took your first breath
She never left


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