The moment of truth is a sad-face, only few make a day break light,
The true lies of a fortune times keep nature accompanied within.
Sense of such conquest is a long grammar for the banquet,
Only the conquest avail for the loyalty of an untold forest.
His meditations never admire a door of lies but his truth too dies,
Her love resist no one in times of choices but games keep one at doze.
In the memory of our meditation while awaiting these temptations,
We only end the hurt to our skins and the falsified save more limps.
What, where, how, were we ever going to learn to accept the truth in our troops without sighs of characterized different groves,
This moment of truth, are never convenient even for the trees.
Observe the sees; quietness, the trees; gentle still waves, the drains; stably confused and the caves; a favorite hide out for the mind,
Foretells the story (history) and checks into the future of all this Mistry.
Line up the end stories of each and every members of adversaries,
You can fathom that the moment of truth brought them sad-faced ends in quantum measures.
This moment never make a day light break nor a day break light, Take that for the moment truth.

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Our world
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