Moana's Ember

Slow I walk

none to talk

passing by 

gazing at the sky

It's been a while since I last seen the water

doesn't bother me none

it'd mean my very slaughter

the name's Moana

I have no daughter

my skin burns with flames

embers are my game

the water is my arch enemy

I could never let her be within me

though her beauty may far exceed my own

fire is the only thing I have known

Sister Inferna loves the water

it's all she's ever known

seperated at birth 

her love I've never been shown

If we were to meet,

we'd die upon impact

alas, all I wish for

is the love of a kin's contact

At last I gave in

I went to seek my sister

Inferna was shocked to see me

thinking I looked sinister

I watered tears of joy

those which caused me agony

for the water I was producing

counteracted my skin's anatomy

I ran to hug Inferna

she did the same

but upon our contact

you wouldn't believe what became

Mother Ocean and Father Earth lost their life

nothing more than ecosystems all the same

Sister and I were now forever unified

merging our counterparts and now forever came

the Goddess of Life's creation

Vida was the name

Sister Inferna and I Moana now the same

sharing our new form as Goddess Vida

forever creating life and serenity for all the world to know

Our new world fortified by sisterhood

would turn out to be quite the show.

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Our world
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