Can't sit back and wallow  on a past mistake

But I can't fake the regret and anguish I feel when I look back on the past

Which is why I can't heal

I'm just human, I'm only a kid...

Well sometimes I guess that doesn't fly for everything

You want to be perfect and not screw up

But it seems like the harder you try the more you mess up

They say it's only a mistake if you don't learn form it

Then what is it then?

A life lesson? 

A rough patch?

Well I guess its just a wrong turn down the road of life

And then you have to deal with the difficulty or making everything right

But the thing about mistakes is this...

It's the happening of an event that wasn't planned to be

But as soon as you screw up you lose your humanity

Now everything you do right is blinded in the sight of everyone else

By the darkness of a past mistake


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