Missing the echo of a friend

Losing a friend sucks, sometimes they leave, sometimes you just drift apart until there's only silence, the worst way to lose a friend is when they change, your left yearning for when everything was fine, when you'd joke around play games and just be happy together, nothing wrong nothing broken you could simply just be but now when you look at them you just feel melancholy, mourning the death of who they used to be feeling pain with every spared glance at who they've become, it hurts because you knew them before they were killed and outcast  it hurts you because you care you still care you would tell them but they never believed anyone could, even still you tried but it was to late the cracks had set in  your cries fell upon deaf ears and now they are gone  replaced with a scrambled version of what they were pieces are gone the edges sharp and misaligned they are shattered into billions of pieces  when you try to fix them now you get hurt you slice yourself on their sharp edges until you can't take it anymore, you couldn't stop the cracks from spreading  you cared so much you got hurt trying to fix things you tried, you tried over and over again but they still end up shattered you earned scars in your recovery  some wounds being to severe to heal completely, some reopen leaving you to relive the pain, clutching your last strings of sanity as it washes over you, "they weren't good for you" It's not your fault "they chose to not get help"  It's not your fault "you helped all you could" It's not your fault You cared You tried It's not your fault Who they were has died and all that's left is an echo 

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My family
My community
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