Tears turn on like a broken faucet, droplets splashing on my hands and in my hair.
He hasn't come home yet.
His absence is fresh in the minds of his loved ones and all left with almost no more emotions to bear.
I can see his smile, his blue eyes, his soul that was so alive with hunger and curiosity; the images of when we first met.
Heroin decided his way of life for him, one shoot and his thoughts would disappear.
When he was with me, he was clean and the drug only taunted him in his mind.
But then that February night, he was nowhere to be found and my panic was all I could hear.
True innocence was lost and desires swept away like the person that we are awaiting them to find.
Scars are left upon my heart and hopes crushed by every passing day.
Drugs will take you down a path away from those who care about you.
Thoughts of him are always on my mind, even now in the last days of May.
Whether it is me or you, are you going to a drug grab ahold of someone you know too?

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