Miss Me


I felt this pain in my chest, the pain to pierce a bulletproof vest.

A girl miles away who stole the heart of mine a long time ago, I just hope she misses me when I'm gone but I don't know.

Please miss me say that you miss me, because with all that's going on I could use some lifting.


Now I know we went our seperate ways yet time and time again we found a way back, I guess it's true what they say that opposites attract.

I want you to be my other half attatched, to this life flask, my hearts torn to pieces because you wouldn't fix the cracks.

I wake up every morning from a dream of the could be future, but tell me now is it a dream I can't wake up from? Because without you in it the future seems lost and my life is just done.

See I was ready to put my heart on the line to feel that loving embrace, but now I'm missing you while you won't even notice my face.

But yeah girl it's on you know I want you all alone when I finally make it home, I just really hope you miss me the days I walk out the door, because without you it's a big lonely world to explore.

So miss me show me you care, and please don't give up on our relationship don't you dare.

Because I'll be right there, cheering you up singing our favorite song, with a smile that I keep on the phone from dusk until dawn.

I want the human form of my heart back and that's you, so let me ask you do you miss me? Because I know i do.

And no matter what you say or what you do, when I'm alone I'd rather be with you, so forget it all because I'll be right by your side, until the end of time.

I promise you,hold up and all I ask is that you miss what we had, like I know I do.


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