Mirrors, a reflecting surface, a looking glass.


Looking glass indeed.

Another medium for people

To see what they need

To change about themselves

To fit in.


Individuality is the fad for today;

Be who you want to be,

Say what you want to say,

Do what you want to do.

Just make sure to wear at most a

Size two.


Zero is not a size.

Zero is nothing.

Why do we aspire,

Why are we encouraged

To be nothing.


“You look pretty today!”

Warm smile, thanks.


Remember your reflection.


“Lookin’ good! Did you lose some weight?”

Warm smile, thanks.

Of course I did.

Remember your reflection.


I have four mirrors in my room.

I have four chances to find something wrong.

I have four voices telling me it’s not good enough.

I have four reflections of myself telling me it’ll never be good enough.


Looking glass indeed.



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