Tue, 07/30/2013 - 10:13 -- k2804


I am living in a mirror,

I can never measure up.

I am stuck inside this world of reflection,

I can only see myself.

The outside world is very dim,  just only a faded picture.

The view from inside this mirror is twisted and distorted.

In this dim reality I can only see myself.

I am now locked inside a prison of darkness, 

there is no way out.

I try to break free of this prison of  mirrors, 

but trying to break the mirrors only breaks me.

Like an old rag doll laying limp in a dark, forgotten corner, I sit inside my mirrored prison broken and alone.

Voices whisper all around me.

They take me apart and break me down and tell me I am all alone.

I believe them and acccept their reality as my own.

Until one day, rays of light pierce the darkness all around me.

A hand reaches out for me offering freedom in the light from the mirrors and the hateful spite.

But the light hurts more than the voices inside.

I beg for it to stop. I feel as if I will die

But It won't.  

it just keeps keeps beckoning me into the light.

So, slowly, I move towards the light.

The mirrors begin to shatter and break as I walk.

I walk into light on the shards of my past life. 

Now I have found a new reality!

There are no longer mirrors, but windows so I can see

I can see the beautiful outside world and not just me.



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