Mind-Splitting (anxiety's anthem)

Carefully, carefully, carefully you step-


The lines drawn without embellishment or


The possibility of such an accompaniment


A room filled with absence and the


Sense that suffocation is possible-


Is in fact likely-




Spiraling thoughts- things better left unsaid,


Unheard- a scream is really only the anthem to a country of solitude


Of isolation where colors are so vivid, dissimilar, and devastating


That mixed they cancel out and


Stretch themselves into angry, sullen figures that stalk tangibles far after the


Moon, pale and sweating with anticipation, smiles and mounts the dark stage




Whispers collapse and shoot down streaming banners of phony reassurance


You are a magnet snatching fragments of architecture as you pass them and


Inhabitants of the downward spiral- the ones staring and bearing what you assume


What you guess knowledgably- what you know-


Are teeth, rotting and jagged and you wonder


How much damage the world could inflict if each organism held a sword to the sky




Stillness splinters off into thin pointed rods-


Glaring to induce a tremulous dance which


Staring, your skeleton learns and reluctantly steps to


In a neon ballroom smeared with spasms masquerding as oriental rugs


Thrown haphazardly to cover den openings carved to contain the creature


Screaming and tossing its dense matted mane under the weak floorboards




Realizing that the end is close-


Close enough to smell like a bruised orange hung just above the vision line


Close enough to feel, like ambling briskly through arches of shocks meant to prepare


Meant to scare


Until the climax has no option but to halt the illusion of function altogether


And twist the well-worked wires of the panic apparatus




The itch is deeper than you comprehend; an explosion is peeking from the vase of possibilities


Scratching is nearly an unconscious deed and blood is flowing, flowing, flowing-


Leaving a sluggish trail-


Snails of death and delight and thrill, but above all fear




These emotions cease in the end, are shot down one by one all of them on the spot


You peer from behind thick sheets as they utter their last prayers,


Asking forgiveness you will never deny


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