Michael Brown

Sun, 12/27/2015 - 13:05 -- chi310


United States
42° 40' 26.0796" N, 70° 50' 8.8044" W

I stole pack a cigs from the store

I took off for the chase

No weapons on me by any chance

My homeboy running with me we got away

Then we see a cop so stop

Nerves running down my body

He confonts me for no reason at all

I say my prayer even if its my last prayer

We get into a mini fight

Thats when I see the white bright light

I hear the shot that rings from no where

I fall trying to make my last call

He comes I hear many more shots

I watch my life flash before my eyes

Ill never get to send my mother that last goodbye

I want her to know Im sorry

Please dont cry

Ill watch over you sky high

Mama I got you and Ill protect you

He got away with murdering me

He didnt get away with setting me free

Mama dont cry

Life is too special to let your soul die

Im watching you and guiding you

Im sorry mama please dont cry

Its your  son watching above sky high

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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