Merry Christmas!


The biggest gifts are presence and not presents,

Money is spent things are bought but time is of the essence. 
Kuz when memories are formed, the people count too,
And like a woman who is married they shouldn't Miss you. 
I'm not saying for one to show up on this day empty handed,
Just that being there is more important, presents aren't always demanded. 
I'd much rather hug my dad and let my grandpa see me,
Then to get a new xbox to replace the "old" ps3.
Because people die everyday and every day a child is born,
And sadly people don't last as long as the things that are worn.
So I'd rather be with those who care so much for me,
Than to get brand new shoes or jackets made by Nike. 
Clothes can be passed down several generations ,
God blesses America and all other nations. 
He gave us his only son, to forgive us of all sin. 
Jesus was given to the world, forget the color of his skin. 
Who cares if Jesus was green, blue, dark or light?
What's important is what came on that silent night. 
Remember what Christmas signifies,
And make sure you pay your tithes. 
Kuz you don't wanna cheat The Lord,
Just give him what you can afford. 
So be thankful for your fam,
And the sheapard of the lamb. 
Remember presence is a gift
And stay beautiful no Tay Swift.  


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