Mental Blessing

I have depression, and it hurts a lot.
Sometimes, when I'm sad, I feel like I've been shot.
Combined with my anxiety, I feel my nerves become taut.
A lot of times I'm so stressed out I sweat though I'm not hot.

I also have low self-esteem.
I don't like my reflection, the girl who looks back at me.
Add impurity to insecurity,
And I can't help but get freaked out by every single thing.

But nothing adds up to the worst,
The curse of having Asperger's,
Because even though I may be smart,
I even get frustrated by my beautiful art.
I'm obsessed with little things,
Like details in paintings being off by 1 thing,
And out of everything that which I like,
Nothing and no one feels the same "like type".

But even though I have all these curses,
They all add up to 1 big blessing.
I may not have known this at all before,
But now I see beauty in life, and I'm not stressing.

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This is a really beautiful poem. It is brave of you to open up your feelings publicly. I wish nothing but the best for you. Stay true to yourself!!





Beautiful...and so relatable! Love it!!!

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