Have you looked at children at play, and thought, "you're doing that all the wrong way"?
All wondering why there's no structure in it, Why there’s no real meaning or order about it.
Can a thing, not be self-fulfilling? Can a child not enjoy life, in living?
Can You see the beauty in every happenstance; The aesthetics of pure unadulterated chance?One moment a pirate, another a whale, or running in circles to raise up a sail.
Where is the end of demand of serious? Let life at times be all lightheartedness.
Few of you oughtn't scoff at the child at play, for where is your heart at the end of the day?
Can you honestly feel that your pomp circumstance, will ever have triumph over silent overjoyed dance?
In plain and happy moments of love,
|                                                                                               es.
|                                                                                        dov
|                                                                                 ing
In moments      sweet moments          of small coO

Will you allow your life space, to be quite a thing, which sometimes no understanding can bring?
Many times our experiences to us can seem to never convey any meaning at all they just pass on their way.
Only looking back on them they are just a shade, for Now is the defining moment, You can save.

                                                            COME PLAY!
                  COme DAnCE!
                                  come sway in the rain!

Come love all of Life's plentiful good grace!
Come laugh and come sing and come bring silly face!
Come chuckle with little ones at those who think you disgrace.

Time is a blessing and a gift given all. Don't spend it with gauntness; Don't spend it with gall.
A jolly and blessed existence it be; Let brother with brother now live life in peace.
For this life is yours, full of memories and glee.

You see..    the more that you make of them,    the more joyful you'll be!

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