Memories are so painful,

They often hurt a lot.

Some you can’t recall,

Other’s you’d prefer not.

Often they bring more sorrow

Then all the moment’s strife,

But unlike the moment

Memories last your life.

Some memories don’t fade,

They haunt you many times

Constantly reminding you

Of you stupid crimes.

It hurts more some days,

Your awful memory,

It makes you feel alone,

It fills you with misery.

It makes you shed your tears.

It makes you feel cheerless.

It makes your heart break.

It fills you with sadness.

Sometimes all you want

Is the memory to go,

But it never really does,

Sadly, that you know.

Memories are stressful,

They really bring you down.

They make you want to quit,

They tend to make you frown.

But somewhere you can find

A joyful memory.

When you do, cling to it,

And it will set you free.


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