Memorial Poem for the victims of the Holocaust

A lone girl holds her mother’s hand

“What are they doing? We have done nothing wrong.”

The next things her mother said

were sung in a lullaby song--

“I love you now and forever, and I will never let you go.”

With the golden stars upon their chests

the ice, once welcomed, now a freezing foe...

forced into trains, an old man trampled unto his final rest.


The lone girl holds her mother’s hand

“Why have they taken daddy, where is he now?”

The true things the mother said

were as a solemn vow--

“He loved you now and forever, and would have never let you go.”

The hungry weeks went on and on

it appeared this mother’s sickness had begun to grow,

every frozen night and starving dawn...


The lone girl holds her mother’s hand

“Where are we going? These rooms are dark and cold.”

The last words this mother would have said

were never even told--

no chance to say goodbye,

or even “I love you so”

just two out of 6 million...

the girl didn't get a chance to know.


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