Melting Barbie

There are so many languages known to man

And so many lost in translation

I can tell You I love You in quite a few

but the feeling is lost on it's way to meet expectations


I can tell you the virtues some suppose are right

or let  veracity roll down my body as a heretic

I can feel the same way every day and night

But my memories tortuously circumvent it



Now I find myself on the same shelf

as the broken toys and a silly elf

Emitted light frightens me 

no flash photography

Unless from he

who my face is painted for 


You see men look down at us barbie dolls

See a plastic mind in a barbie world

nerves move mercilously undulating my spastic spine 

There's a lion looking into our pink plastic windows


A rocking horse outside once heald jovial memories

now it's creepy get it out cause it's scaring me

don't move Barbie

He's watching you

She did this to herself


The honey that dripped 

from ethanyl soaked lips

was bitter and volatile,

- what foolishness

I fucked it up

plain and simple

I left my protector

for a lion


now it's after me

he's running

It preys on me

and I don't know when

It'll tell of my meat


I live In fear

scavenging at night

In tick filled grass when not by your side

Barbie's a prey

dogs want to chew her bones

none of this would be happening

but Alice didn't leave the bottle alone

Somebody save Barbie

Shes fucking melting

In her own gasoline

don't leave me protector

I'm sorry I left with the lions


I always come back to you because you guard my house

and keep the humans from finding us out

you make me safe

sorry if I strayed

for the boys that I thought just wanted to play

I regretted decisions 

tainted souls failed to stay

but back to you I always find a way

forgive me- If I'm a siren


Barbie loved ken

Barbie left ken for a lion

Barbie's mangled

Ken still loves her

She's re-molding just fine


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