#Melanin Queen


Young Black Girls seem to experience the most when it comes to Society Standards.

Social Media has brainwashed us.

We are at a constant battle trying to show our worth

Young Dark Skin Girl

Degraded and Bullied for the beauty her mother blessed her with

She goes to school having to hear the rude comments students throw at her

Here’s one of the favorite jokes she gets to hear on the day to day basis

“She so dark, she don't even have her own shadow, She is the shadow!!!!”

Ignorant students roll over in laughter

A girl her same complexion laughs to hide the pain she felt when her classmate made the joke


An underrated feeling

She has felt this for nearly her entire lifetime

She doesn't want to be her complexion

She researches and looks up ways to make her skin lighter

For the next four years she will undergo depression because she can’t bring herself to damage her body

Her mother and her family won’t let her degrade her beauty

She is in pain but she won't succumb to the excruciating desolation
Her mother shows her pictures of young queens in Africa praised for their skin tone

Her mother simply tells her “ She is blessed, The sun enjoys being around you more, You are a princess of royalty. You come from a culture that endured and conquered the most atrocious acts Hold your head up, you are

A Melanin Queen

So to all the young black girls out there

Keep your head up

You are a member of a culture that achieved and excelled

You are and will always be the living interpretation of

#Melanin Queen


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