Meaning in my Wings

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 01:01 -- hsadiq



A simple word that overwhelmingly carries the weight of Life.

A simple word that was repeated in my head, yet I did not understand what it meant.

I did not see what it meant.

And once you finally see, at one point, what you did not see, in which you did not believe to see,

you feel as though you finally are waking up from that slumber of Innocence.

When the first feather began sprouting on my back,

when the first ache to spread my majestic wings arised,

I had become frightened.

I had panicked and drove myself off the cliff... without truly understanding what my wings were.

But now, as the DVD of my life rewinded, and I stood at the edge of the cliff agaain with only a feather to my back...

I turned around and walked away.



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