For Me, Myself and Us

Wed, 11/28/2012 - 18:23 -- jnaea


United States
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I am so torn
Like aborted babies that aren’t born
Separated and thrown into a furnace
To be burned up because of people’s purpose
To reign as kings,
Though he called them gods
Little g’s
With a wolf in their hearts
How it howls and prowls as it goes down
Deeper into the depths of death
Like Smith met the West (in)
Total bitterness and anger
Malice crept into their fingers
‘Til they blasted off rounds
And the bodies made the sound
Of a tree in a forest
Far from any ears
The person that was closest
Couldn’t even hear
I hate this life because of my life
How I wish I have lost it and never saw it twice
I am the broken man with a broken plan
Purpose to unite though He asked to divide
So the dark and the light
Will show who is right
Please forgive the peace that man has sent
Shake hands in comraderie but ignore what’s within
That devilish feeling of wanting the air
Hold it in it’s holiness and never treat it fair
Beat it ‘til it can’t move
Like the leaves prove
That that air can’t be
It’s gone and unseen
Like they say God can’t be
He’s too invisible to see
I hate this life
Deception and strife
How he showed the miracle of the figs
And yet they can’t see him
How the birds sing his praise
But they don’t understand what they say
“Hallelujah” they sing
But they hear chirp chirp and think not a thing
Thank you for the ever going peace
Your swords put down but your hate increase
Thank you for your love
You kiss the cheek but your voice echoes from beneath
Your breathe, that lifeless stench
Come back from the death you wretch
But you wont heed my breathe
So just is death.


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