Me, Myself, And I

My life is quite strange,

I honestly don’t know why,

I’m sad nowadays,


It’s not like I’m hit,

They don’t starve me or hurt me,

It’s me who hurts me,


I don’t see my worth,

And I always mess things up,

Waking up is hard,


And I’m surrounded,

By friends but I always feel,

So very alone,


I miss the real smiles,

I miss the enjoyment of,

Being in the sun,


I am not okay,

Dad can’t see me struggling,

It’s so hard to breathe,


I feel like I’m crushed,

By the weight of their past sins,

I have to be strong,


I’m still just a kid,

But I haven’t felt that way,

In a long long time


Kids aren’t scared about,

Unpaid bills and broken hearts,

They don’t see these things,


They see the goodness,

They feel the sunlight and smile,

They couldn’t care less.


I crave that release,

I wish to be free like that,

But I have duties


I must be careful,

Because I’m the only one,

who cares about them


I’m doing my best,

And I’m doing it for life,

My family's keeper,


It's not what I'd planned,

But It's what I was given,

I can not complain.

This poem is about: 
My family


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