Me, Myself, and I

On the outside, i am sweet
And on the inside i am obscene
Yet in my heart, I am confused
Because i doubt i am truly either
Either way i am lost
But my Shepard in the dark guides me
And i am no longer alone
But you can't always shield me
When your gone i am exposed
Naked to the world
Then again, i don't really know you
So i take it back
I am alone
I dont talk to who i should and i never will
They dont know me
In there eyes being me
Is being who everyone thinks i should be
But i think the real me is scared
Afraid of what's next
And part of my heart refuses to admit that its okay
I. Refuse to step down
Weakness is a sign of failure
And when your alone
Failure is not an option
They're arms are spread wide
But i am reluctant to join them
I won't fit in and i never will
Because i am hurt i don't know why and i can't remeber how
But i feel it
So when you ask why i am sad
I will lie
Every time
Because i am fine


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