Me and You

Me and You
Our secrets leave black and blue bruises all over my soul.
I know his actions have taken their toll.
I'm s l o w l y suffocating holding,
Your secrets.
Not telling the wrongs done onto you...
Out of fear of losing
I feel each lie branded into my being,
Each fake smile carved into me.
I see him through your eyes and it scares me,
And I cry trying to live with all these lies.
So I deflect their questioning looks and condemning words,
Never revealing the truth.
If only the world new...
Maybe then they would understand you.
But still it is locked behind these lips
In a foolish effort to protect you.
I fight to understand
You're repeated mistakes when you're always the one that b r e a k s
My body,
And soul
Are the perfect masterpiece of the torture we have inflicted
Upon ourselves
By promising never to tell
Of the pain
Caged behind our ribcages.
The bloody marks of our scars as we promise
To stay true to the events and moments we've been through.
I am battered and bruised,
Bloodied and branded,
Littered by the abuse of our secrets...
But I wouldn't have it any other way...
Because I'm here for you...
As I know your there for me.
If we have gotten through all this...
We can get through anything.

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