Maybe there was never just one reason

I fell in love with you


Maybe it was a hundred little things - 

The way you laugh so hard you can't breathe


the way I laugh when I'm with you

The way you hold me and never let go first

The incredible joy on your face

when you talk about the things you love

like baking or music or your family


the tickling growl in the back of your throat when

you first wake up and say "Hey."

The way your hair looks fantastically rumpled

when it's not pulled back

The protective glances, the dimpled smile


the way my head fits perfectly on your shoulder


Maybe the bedclothes tangled around us

are just one more reason I have to stay

I want to stay here, in your arms


your breath falling on my neck and

your heartbeat ringing in my ears,

your hands pulling me closer each morning


Maybe all my reasons have slowly piled up

until I can't count them anymore

And they've moved in, uninvited

they're scattered around our living room


peeking out of our closets

They've taken up space in my chest


Maybe they're a part of me now


Maybe you are, too.


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