Dear Sasha,


Today I walked along the edge of the harbor

In Medemblik, the Netherlands,

With my grandmother's arm in mine.

I noticed a boat among the others

That looked like nothing extraordinary

Except for its name:



I wondered why it would be named


Perhaps because


Is only for trips taken

By lovers,

And they always travel together in it.

Like a set of matches

They are packed inside

And keep each other warm when they need them.


But what if your lover is not with you?

Then you take out your


On a quiet starry night

And sail to a spot

Where the water is black as burnt wood

And the reflection of the stars

Sets the water ablaze

With small white flames.

You light up a cigarette

And think of when you first kissed me

On the side of a road a million miles away.


Now your


Is full of you and your memories.

They are packed inside 

And keep you warm when you need them.


With all my love,


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Jan Wienen

Keep smiling ...

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