You walk in,

my eyes,

blinded by the vision

of God's most perfect creature.

You say to your homegirl...

I’ll be RIGHT back.

I could use a lil snack to soak up this liquor.

You run circles around me,

my eyes caught in the strobe light,

like a deer in headlights,

whilst 21 year olds pop bottles in VIP, and church girls twerk for precipitation... in the form green bills.

All the while you never lose sight of your prey.

You pounce unexpectedly,

while I’m distracted by the drink spilled on my new 4's.

I waited in line 4 hours for these.

The salesman said they were a Gua-ran-tee!

I immediately puff up my chest, and suck in my gut to create a faux 6pack.

We exchange pointless dialogue.

I try to impress you by lying that I bench 250,

All along you see through my weak mating ritual,

And reply while licking your lips,

You’re……. JUST enough.

Minutes later,

We’re in the back of my 2-seater

Sweat dripping down my back,

 saliva exchanged,


I’m once again blinded by the light,

DEER…….… headlights.

I feel your fangs rip into me,

yet, no distinction between pleasure and pain.

I thrust faster, harder,

as my screams become echoes,

and my blood drains

as we begin to swim in pools of ecstasy.


I begin to head toward the familiar light,

that seemed to be blinding me this entire time.

Friend… and….. foe.

Meanwhile you exact your pound of flesh.

The light dissipates

as your face comes into focus.

Not a second later,

You pull out a toothpick,

as to not leave behind a trail of yet another sucka stuck in your teeth.

A snack before the main course.



As I lie there cold and fading,

quickly realizing I’ve nearly given you my all,


I still beg for you to consume me,

praying you’ll devour me whole.

As you slam the door behind you, your next prey approaches


Can I buy you dinner sometime?

You reply with a devilish grin,


I could eat…….


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