The Man Who Knew Too Much


I am lost, 
For no one knows.
The torch alightens,
And shall guide my way
Through times unsettling,
Watch my eyes,
They tell you no lies.
Afraid is the one
Who tells that one to fear.
Foolish is the one
Who calls him a fool.
Subtle tears wake a man
Who dreamt of this day,
And all that it brought,
For he knew too much;
The famine and gore.
The only star to shine this bright
Was lost for having been too wrong.
It is imperfection that makes it right,
And all the Wise have known too long.
All the people down below
Heard cries of mortification
From a sun long in desolation.
Sad are the ones who know too much,
They feel all the pain of others such.
Like dying always on the inside
The ignorant never to feel a pain!
They only shed tears from rain
The liquid invades their salty eyes
They weep a tear that no other cries.
Cold tonight and cold today,
Such a cold may forever stay.
You can hear all the gentlemen frown
They are all sleeping here in another town.
Odd this is, but they are still all very calm
So much, they hold all our hope in their palm.
Yet another day could bring such sadness,
It's not the first to drive one to madness.
Their lips are heavy, so they don't speak.
Their bones are broken, so they are weak.
The man who knew too much knew his time was near
He had a year to make it clear that his was all but here,
And as he said goodbye he told all his loved ones
That he wouldn't give his loves away for all the suns
The universe could ever supply for him,
He instead said "I love you," and looked away
For he knew that the world would end today.


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