Man Up


I hear that boys will be boys
that we condone rape
that our father figures allow it
that we objectify our women
we turn a blind eye because we think its cool
but boys will always play the fool
The jokes on you if you think this is true
what we should lament is where are men at
I agree boys will be boys but boys lead boys
You can be twenty thirty fourty fifty sixty seventy eighty
you can live and die a boy
But its time to man up
Im sick of this culture of free love
we sleep around like love's free
and I'd like to think its true but thats just the boy in me
sex is more than we would like to admit
the spiritual side we cant deny
our culture tries to sell our girls
that their body is for seduction
that their status is on who they seduce
but that's not the truth
boys are trained not to think with their brain
but to get ahead they think with their head to get some head
But it's time to man up
Justin Bieber said Baby baby I thought you'd always be mine
Tupac Shecur said
Since we came from a woman got a name from a woman
I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
So will the real men get up
Essentially a black gangster from oakland
knows more about being a man than a white boy from canada
hows that fit your steriotype 
It's time to man up
Men treat their woman right
men don't see holes for pleasure
rather they see a priceless treasure
Men dont rape their girls
Men dont dont tear them down
boys shame their girls
boys hurt their girls
boys force their girls in the locker room
while thier friends watch 
and boys in authority turn a blind eye
In short boys dehumanize their girls
objectify their girls
hyper sexualize their girls
This is the behavior of a boy
But it's time to man up
It's time for the world to wake up
It's time for the world to man up
A man loves his woman
A man cherishes his woman
A man doesn't let a boy touch his woman
A man respects another mans woman
A man realizes a woman is not a possession 
A man shows his woman his emotion
A man lets his woman in
A man doesn't go get slammed and then find some meat to slam
But it's time to man up
It's time for the world to stop looking at men as boys
hopelss against the whim of their drieves
Men find a boy and help them up
Men set an example 
They say chivilry is dead
show the world and our women men are the silent minority
Make our voices heard in one unifed scream
Make it our battle cry until every boy is a man
Join in our chan't
It's time to man up! It's time to man up! It's time to manup!


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