Make America Great Again? Why Not Make It Greater?

We've heard it from various women and men

In the year of 2016

"Make America Great Again"

Was the slogan so commonly seen


The implications of that slogan

Are not commonly thought about

"America Was Never Great" is one

Such implication sometimes shouted out


But there is one other implication

Hardly anybody considers

Is the "Make America Great Again" slogan

Saying that America is full of unavoidable errors?


If it is saying such a thing

Allow me to prove it wrong

Sure, there are issues needing fixing

But let me tell you where America goes strong


For starters, teen pregnancy rates

Are declining for some time now

And thanks to what Loving v. Virginia states

Interracial couples have the right to the wedding vow


Loving v. Virginia also carved the way

For Obergefell v. Hodges to declare

The right of same-sex couples to say

Their own wedding vows with great flare


The woman of this modern age

Have more rights than ever before

And it doesn’t take many a sage

To know that there’s less crime, not more


These things and more clearly show

The ways in which America is great

This country has some weak spots, though

What they are, I will soon narrate


Firstly, today’s political climate

Has divided us so very greatly

Unfounded accusations of “bigot”

Are thrown around so boldly


Events like the Boston Tea Party

Are used to justify rioting

Many people are terrified to see

Opinions that are opposing


Peaceful protests are taking place

Which, to be fair, aren’t bad things

But their organizers greatly deface

The protests’ purposes thanks to their evildoings


Still, a fundamental question remains

What must be done to fix our problems?

It may require quite the number of strains

But I will try to address our conundrums


Concerning the subject of marriage equality

Not everyone has obtained it just yet

We can only marry one person, not two or three

Some people are polyamorous, them, we mustn’t forget


Let us not allow this political climate

To divide us like it does right now

And if we’re better judges of character, I bet

The accusations of bigotry will fade, and how


Hold those who constantly riot

Accountable for their wrongdoings

And make their punishments definite

If they continue their destroying


Discourage echo chambers as much

As possible as to encourage thinking

About one’s beliefs as well as stay in touch

With reality and give those beliefs a refining


Make sure organizers of peaceful protests

Have not been guilty of wrongdoings in the past

For those who were guilty, arrange arrests

So that justice may be served to them at last


America has its strengths and flaws, countrymen

Its flaws outnumbering its strengths? I beg to differ

Thus, the proper response to “Make America Great Again!”

Is to ask “Make America Great Again? Why not make it greater?”

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