An A major scale in words, with meaning.


Everyday we walk through the Air.

We hear things,

See things,

in a way that others don't.


Everyday we walk through this Hell.

We feel things,

taste things

in a way that others don't


We all ask questions through out our days.

"Will I see him again?"

"Should I eat this, or that?"

and my favorite, "Can you not?"


I was asked a few questions today.

"Why do you write poetry?"

"Why do you read poetry?"

"Why do you relate everything to music?"


I view things as experiences and lessons.

I have problems with myself.

I see others' problems,

and when I read I feel them.


I write to hush the voices that I see.

I write to compose.

I write to create.

I write to not be scared of myself.


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