Made Me Who I Am


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Made Me Who I Am


There are many people

In and out of my life,

But they all have impacted me

Either once of twice.

To pick just one person

Is very hard to do,

A good person or bad person

My sister or you?

But I picked someone out,

Not just random or whim,

But someone who deserves it

Who had to be her and him.

We didn’t have much,

Sometimes our fridge was bare,

Though no matter how hard it got

My mom was there.

She had to be Mr. and Mrs.,

Mom and Dad.

Give us kisses

Even if we were bad.

We weren’t the perfect family,

That was for sure true.

My sister and I were handfuls,

But my mom always knew what to do

By the age of five,

My mom was convinced,

She was missing out on us

And she left her job since.

Year after year,

Times got harder,

The money ran out,

It couldn’t stretch much farther.

Though the hard times continued,

Our family stayed whole,

But we only stuck together

And no, it wasn't for the cresent rolls.

I don’t like my family much,

They’re not the best people.

They can be very controlling

And can sometimes be evil.

But I felt like I owed it,

Pay it forward, you know?

I wanted her to be happy,

But she wasn’t though.

She couldn’t stand her mother,

She was evil and cruel.

For Christmas she would get toothpaste

And would get treated like a fool.


I’m getting off topic

And I’m getting off quick,

So I’ll tell you why

She was my pick.


It was up and down,

Good and bad,

But what could we do,

We didn’t have our dad.


My mom is my everything,

My provider, my rock.

I owe her everything

Even my little corgi socks.


You put up with everything,

My jokes, my rhymes,

Even the misheard lyrics

That just wasted your time.

I know I’m getting older,

Soon I’ll move out.

Am I to need her anymore?

Or just “figure it out”?

My mom is my hero,

The best I could ask for.

She gave me my life

And made me less of a disaster.

This poem is about: 
My family


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